Doorbell 2 Battery not charging

When I connect my battery to a cable for charging the red led flashes a couple of time and then turns off. I have tried multiple leads as the orange one is broken but they all do the same thing, no red led only solid green. Is the battery faulty?!

Hey @Danb83uk. When you’re charging the battery, the battery will light up amber and green to show that it is charging, and will be just green to show it is fully charged. If you are seeing just a green light, it’ll mean you’re good to go as the battery is charged! For the instance that you put the battery back in your device and your device will not boot back up, please reach out to our support team via phone here.

So I got a notification from the app saying it was time to charge the battery. I took the battery out and plugged it into the cable. As soon as I connect the cable the amber light flickers a couple of time and then goes out. I have left the battery connected to the charging cable over night anyway.
When I put the battery back in the doorbell it works fine and says it’s ?.
Could it just be a faulty LED on the battery!

@Danb83uk You make a really good point! Especially if that LED is flickering, that could be why. If you ever notice anything off with the battery life though, please reach out to our support team for that! In the meanwhile, sounds like all is well with how it is now, so keep using it and just know overnight charging or just at least 8 hours is all you’ll need when charging. :smiley_cat: