Doorbell 2 (battery) hardwired to Byron 776 doesn't ring the chime

I just replaced my incompatible Deta chime with the Byron 776 after seeing it recommended on here.

The doorbell correctly shows ‘hardwired’ in the app, but when pressing the button my chime does not ring as I expected.

Strangely, on the first try of this it did actually ‘ding’, but it hasn’t done so since.

I was under the impression that the 776 would allow me to keep an in house chime. Is this not the case?

If not, could Ring support confirm which chime is fully compatible with the Doorbell 2 and would allow this?

Nope! This is magically working now. Either it just needed a good thump when I put the case back on, or indeed the case for the Byron is required to be installed for the ding ding to work.

Instead, does anyone know if there should still be a toggle to disable the hardwired chime in the app, should I require?

Hi @tastybrads. I am glad you were able to resolve your concern. We have this Help Center page with a Ring Video Doorbell 2 chime kit compatibility list. As for being able to toggle on or off your mechanical chime from the Ring app, the Doorbell 2 does not have this feature.

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