Doorbell 2 and Stick Up Cam super bright in beginning of videos

Both my Doorbell 2 and Stick Up Cam recordings start off superbright and overexposed for the first 3-5 seconds. This is usually when the motion is happening, where you should be able to see the car or the person’s face clearly. But with this bug, I miss these very important precious few seconds of the video. This seems to happen only when there is daylight…no issues when night vision is on. Any one have any suggestions on a fix for this?

Hey @anakin! It sounds like the lens might be adjusting to a bright environment while recording the event. When a Motion is triggered, it will activate the device to begin recording as soon as possible. Depending on the environment, there are times where the lens might be adjusting while recording. If there are bright lights or the sun is shining directly on your Cams, try angling them differently to avoid direct exposure.

Wifi signal strength, or RSSI, is always worth checking to ensure for the most optimal connection. While this doesn’t help with brightness, it certainly will help with how quickly the Camera can communicate an event and record video. It may even help with lens adjustment if you feel there is any lag in the beginning seconds of the video. Feel free to check back here for any suggestions from other neighbors in the Community! :slight_smile:

Makes sense, but it seems like it can be easily fixed via software. It looks like it resets to adjusted to night every time, so when it starts recording during the day, it has to adjust again and agian and thus the overexposed video. This could explain why it doesn’t do it at night. The software should be fixed to keep the previous recording’s adjustment so that it is closer to the same brightness, and might not be so overexposed. Just a thought.

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Solid feedback @anakin! Our teams are always working to create, integrate, and improve on current and new features. I’ll most definitely get this feedback over to our teams here. Feel free to also add this or any other feature requests in the Community Feature Request board, which we also share with our teams continuously. :slight_smile:

I am having same problem during day. Mine is not pointing towards sum. Sun is on other side of house. This is a challenge as you can’t see anything but white for 3-5 sec and you miss person except for back side walking away.