Doorbell 1st gen replacement

i’ve had several first Gen doorbells. The last one isn’t holding a charge well even though it’s connected to a wired power supply it’s not working unless connected to a solar supply. Called Ring and got advice to purchase a video doorbell, pro. It says the doorbell must be connected to a much lower power supply than the standard 120v. It came with a little thing like a battery pack that supposedly gets hooked up to the indoor time. Does that step down power or is that just a Ring connection to the time?

Hi @user54289. The Wired Doorbell Plus (formerly known as the Video Doorbell Pro) is a hardwired doorbell that must be connected to an existing doorbell circuit. It will come with a Pro Power Kit, which needs to be installed on the chime kit to ensure the Wired Doorbell Plus is receiving sufficient power. You can review the installation instructions here. I hope this helps!