Doorbeel slow

I’m not impressed with the Ring doorbell.

I get a Ring notice on my phone. I click on it and it takes too much time to get connected to the Ring doorbell. By the time I have an Image the delivery guy has walked up to my door, placed the package down and departed. Only the history show me it was a delivery.

I hate to think what would happen if someone was trying to break in via the door.

So those fancy videos of burglars being seen and chased away with your voice. Staged.

Hey @leobanville. What is the RSSI for your device? You can learn more about the RSSI for your Ring device, what it means, and why your load times can be slow in our Community post here.


-57 db your device is so slow and very poor service. This doorbell is the worst thing I ever purchased. Your answers are very generic.

@leobanville Thank you for letting me know that! I apologize that you have not been having an optimal experience with this device. For an RSSI of -57, you shouldn’t have too many concerns, but if you have slow upload speeds, this could be causing your Live View to show up slowly. Have you tried seeing if the loading times are faster when you’re connected to mobile data instead of wifi, or vice versa, depending on what you mainly used before? I personally see a better load time when I use my mobile data!

In addition, we have also created an app, the Rapid Ring app, which is to help for faster load times for neighbors with your similar concern. Could you download this app, give it a try and see if it helps? :slight_smile:

I’ve done some research and I see the problem. Video is sent from the Ring, through my WiFi, to your servers, then back to my router, then to my Iphone.

Ring doorbell senses motion then must send notification to your servers then back to my router then to my phone. How many ring doorbells are doing this.

This is why your system is so slow. Nest had the same problem and blamed the Wi-Fi, blamed the bandwith, then admited it was their issue.

You should do the same.

sorry forgot to mention that I will try Rapid Ring.

@leobanville Thank you for your feedback! I will make sure to pass this onto the appropriate teams for you. Also, please let me know how the Rapid Ring app goes! I hope it helps. :slight_smile: