Doorball can not record when postman dorp package

today postman drop a package. but I see he close my house then doorbell only record sound , video freeze. doorbell back normal after he leave. My question is ‘the postman’ have right to stop record ? or he have wifi jammer ?

Hi @JK2019. It seems more like you’re experiencing poor video quality. Try the following steps to help with this type of concern:

We also have this Help Center page with other steps to try. If you have tried these steps and are still having the same concern with poor video quality, call our support team for further assistance.

I ask why only postman close my doordell video qulity will poor. he left , all do not have problem. your answer is told me he carried wifi jammer or ring will shut down my doordell if gov request.

You haven’t been given a solution, JK2019. Just an excuse.

I had a Ring for several years, and it often did this - among many variants.

  1. It would go offline, and I wouldn’t know until I tried to connect to it. Reconnecting it might involve rebooting my router, my PC, or sometimes the Ring (even so far as having to unplug the transformer, remove the battery, and go through the entire setup process again - had to do it twice in three years, and the setup process is far from being smooth, usually requiring multiple tries).

  2. Someone would arrive, and it would tell me 30 seconds later.

  3. Someone would arrive, and it would record a black/blank video.

Even when it gives a proximity alert, switching to the camera is hit and miss - it will often sit there saying ‘connecting’, until I have to rush downstairs to see if anyone is actually at the door.

It has its own ideas about what a ‘good’ wi-fi signal is. I bought chimes, and then a TP-Link extender. The extender improved things, but the Ring would still regularly decide it didn’t like the network and drop off, requiring various reboots.

It’s not exactly what you think you’re signing up to, and you certainly can’t trust it to guard your property.

Ring employees should not be marking any reply as an answer. Because they are not answers.

Hi @Sualdam. It sounds like the concerns you’re having are stemming from an RSSI issue. There are a few things you can try, such as changing your WiFi to a 2.4GHz network, adjusting your WiFi channels or even your ports and protocols. If there is too much congestion on your WiFi network (too many devices connected on the same WiFi channel), you can run into the issues you are describing. To confirm this, try connecting your device to a WiFi hotspot and monitoring how it behaves. If the situation improves, this will let you know that the issue lies within your connection. I hope this provides you insight on your concern.

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