Door/Window Sensor - triggered by motion but no one there

I had my ring system set on home and in the middle of the night the alarm system went off, scared me half to death. I checked the Ring camera since it indicated it was the front door sensor that had motion but I don’t see anyone at my door. We don’t have pets and my kids were sound asleep. My ring camera battery was at about 15%. Will the ring camera still pick up an image with a low battery? The customer support said it might not. I asked if it was a glitch with the connector and she insists that someone/something would have had to try the door to trigger the alarm. Could it be a faulty sensor? She did a sensor reset to be sure. This has never happened to me before.

Hi @Kamaya. Is this a Contact Sensor or a Motion Detector? Contact Sensors will trigger the alarm when it’s armed if they are opened, while the Motion Detectors will trigger the alarm from motion. The Motion Detectors utilize PIR (Passive Infrared) motion detection, which can be triggered from heat sources or reflective surfaces, such as windows. Knowing which type of sensor was triggered, and some details about where it is installed, can help us figure out what may have caused this false alarm.