Door view peephole cam intermittent door bell not working

Has anyone had the same problem as me with their door view / peephole cam?
I’m now on my 2nd replacement in 3 months and have the same problem every time
Basically 8 times out of 10 it works well but maybe once or twice a day when someone presses the bell it only rings outside and registers inside on my devices as a motion or person detected. It should register as an answered or missed ring. I’m starting to think it’s a common software fault rather than the device as surely when 3 devices do the same thing it can’t be the device. I have a great Wi-fi signal of -45 and everything else works well and the app is set up correctly. Any help or suggestions on anything else to try please? I reset the device, reloaded the apps and changed the ring cable on all three devices but no change. And it works 8 out of 10 of the time. I feel there is a intermittent software problem that ring are not aware of or they chose not to tell us about that intermittently doesn’t convert a motion when someone walks up to the front door to a answered or missed ring.

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Just got mine and the door bell feature does not work. Out of over 100 presses today it only ran one time

Hi there, neighbors! It sounds like motion events might be occurring before the button is pushed. Similar to how a button push (ring) will not register if the Peephole Cam is already in a ring event, motion events that happen before a button push will likely remain a motion event. Depending on timing and signal strength this can differ, but in most cases motion will detect prior to a person reaching your door. This would also depend on your settings in the Ring app. Try pushing the button without triggering a motion first to ensure this operation does function on its own, as intended. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: