Door view cam

Hi, I’m thinking of buying the door view cam. I want to make sure first that the external chime can be switched off on this device? So it doesn’t ring on the outside? Can’t find the answer anywhere. Only thing with ring doorbells that annoys me is why they have to ring on the outside!? Pointless…

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Can anyone help me with this please???

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Hi @Lemore80! This certainly is possible through the Device Settings in the Ring app. If you do not want an alert to sound from the device on the outside, you’ll have the option to decrease the “Doorbell Ringer Volume”. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks for replying, Marley. Checking out the reviews on Amazon, in the end I discovered many that stated this could not be done without actually turning down the external Mic too? Meaning if you turned the external ring right down you couldn’t talk to the caller either?? Can you confirm that this has changed, maybe an update or something??
I really don’t understand what value the external ring tone adds to this device other then noise pollution to neighbours. It’s actually quite bizarre why this was ever a thing really…??‍♂️

Hi, can I have confirmation please? Really keen to buy one but only if this is now the case??? Marley???

Hey @Lemore80. Chiming in for Marley! I actually have a Door View Cam myself, that I personally turn down the Doorbell Ringer Volume in order to not have it ring from the outside. You can see me adjusting this setting in the video of the attached ZIP file. You can also see what this setting looks like in the attach JPEG. Just to make sure, I also made sure to turn my Doorbell Ringer Volume all the way down. Once all the way down, I opened up the Live View, and spoke through the Door View Cam, and I could still hear myself speaking through the Door View Cam on the other side! Rest assured turning this volume all the way down will not affect someone hearing you during Live View. Hope this helps! :slight_smile: