Door view cam not connecting to WiFi during set up

Hi, I’ve received my new door view cam from Amazon today. I’ve been trying to set it up for the last 3 hours and have just given up.
The door view cam will not connect to my WiFi. I have done a lot of research, tried changing my router settings (temporarily removing firewall, changed channels, created a guest WiFi) and resetting the router but nothing has worked.
I started to assume the door bell was faulty, however I completed the set up by mobile hotspoting the camera so it 100% works but it is just not connecting with my router.
My router is the Virgin Media Superhub 4. The speeds are fine (getting over 500mbs on 5ghz and 100 on 2.4ghz).
Is anyone able to help?

Hi @Mihir77. Can you please clarify what error you’re receiving when you try to set the Door View Cam up in the Ring App? And let me know what light pattern you see on the Cam itself, if any, as well since this could help indicate what the problem is. I would recommend using a 2.4GHz network, and ensuring it is not dual-band. If you have a different smartphone or tablet to attempt the setup process on, also give that a try as sometimes that works with failed setups.