Door View Cam - no lights and won't reset


I have a Ring Door View Cam. The battery needed charging so I charged it fully overnight and re-inserted it. I performed a device healthcheck and everything was fine (100% battery, firmware up to date) but when I tried to access the live view it kept timing out on the pp, and now the button on the front doesn’t seem to work and the circular light doesn’t show anything. I tried the orange reset button (20-30s press) but that didn’t do anything. The doorbell isn’t connected to my wifi router anymore also. Tried taking the battery out and putting it back in - no luck.

Any ideas? Looks pretty dead.



So I fixed this problem by taking the ribbon cable out and re-seating it. Doorbell came back on straight away. Weird but must have dislodged it when taking the battery out etc.

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Hey @danr, nice job figuring out this solution! A friend with the Door View Cam did this as well, and we realized that had to be the fix. Glad you figured it out, I’ll mark your post as a solution for you to help other neighbors in the future! :slight_smile: