"Door Thickness Compatibility 34 mm - 55 mm" (Door View Cam), my door is 60 mm


I have made an mistake, I made an 14 mm hole and thats ok, but my door is 60 mm. I have first seen that yours max is 55 mm, my standard door is 60 mm.

Do anyone have any solutions for this, I hope that someone have an extender that I can buy or any other solutions, sine I have made the hole in my door (and my wife is not that happy)?


Did you ever find a solution of this?

Found a way but it means I can’t use the peephole.

Get a wall plug that fits the camera part, push that in then get a washer that covers the outside bit of the back panel, get a long enough screw and secure it.

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I have user double band, and it works fine.

But I love this solution.

what do you mean by double band and where can I purchase one I am based in the UK.


You can use any kond of double tape, I use 3m double tape and it workd for me. In Danmark we get then in hardware store.



best fix, a doorbell boa to hold the ring, www.doorbellboa.com

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It would probably be quite simple to design and 3d print an extender tube with an inner and outer thread on the ends.