Door sensor went offline right after I went out of town

I set up my system about a week ago, and everything was fine… until I left town! Then, a day into my trip, I got notified that the front door sensor went offline. I checked the logs and this is the first time it did this. And unfortunately its still offline a day later. Is there anything I can do remotely? I thought about removing and re-adding the device but I don’t know if I can do that remotely…

thx, Steve

There is nothing you can do for that sensor until you get back to the system, if the sensor of offline you cannot communicate with it to do anything. When you get back you can see what happened, might just be a battery failure.


Hey @St3v3k! If you give our support team a call, at 800-656-1918, they will be happy to troubleshoot more in-depth with you! :slight_smile: