door sensor showing open

I have one of my door sensors which is showing as ‘open’ constantly when the door is closed

When I set the alarm I have to bypass this sensor in order to arm the system.

I have tried troubleshooting steps but have not managed to resolve an issue

It seems impossible to raise a support ticket with Ring despite paying a monthly subscription for a protect plan so I am hoping someone can help

thanks in advance

Hey @ryanb2020. If you have had troubles getting in contact with our support team, it may be due to the restricted support we have be having, which you can learn more about here. Rest assured, I’m happy to help as best that I can! Could you please take a picture of how you have the magnet and Contact Sensor placed when the door is closed? I would love to see how you have the placement for these two pieces. In addition, let me know if the door is a metal door or if there is any metal nearby the two pieces. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply

Please see image attached, it is a wooden door with no metal nearby.


@ryanb2020 Thank you so much for the picture! Do you see the notch that is on the top of the sensor on the top right, and then the notch that is on the magnet on the left side? These notches need to be lined up and facing each other in order to correctly show if it is opened or closed. No worries though, just flip the main sensor piece 180 degrees, and you should see it working as it should! Feel free to check out our Help Center Article here for more pictures to reference with this.

thanks has resolved it, seems obvious now!

thanks for your help

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