Door Sensor Setup

Hello, I just purchased a door sensor. I’d like to monitor my front door being openedand closed. I don’t have a base station. Do I have to purchase of a station to be able to connect the front door sensor?

I only own an indoor Ring stick cam and now the door sensor. Let me know if I need to have the alarm system in order to use the door sensor. When trying to set up the door sensor on my Ring app, there are no options for this, only an option to set up a homebase for the alarm system.

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Good question @chelseys! The Ring Alarm System does require a Base Station in order for the other Ring Alarm devices to operate and communicate with your Ring app. It sounds like you will only be needing one of our Ring Alarm 5 piece start kits. This kit will include a Base Station, 1 Contact Sensor, 1 Motion Detector, 1 Keypad, and 1 Range Extender.

If you are only looking for simple activity alerts, and do not want emergency dispatches or professional monitoring, you are able to register your Ring Alarm for self-monitoring. While self-monitoring, you can receive open and closed sensor alerts to your mobile device and Ring app, as well as use armed modes which will still trigger the siren if a sensor is tripped while armed. Just keep in mind, if your Alarm siren is triggered while self-monitoring, there is no dispatch or monitoring station calls, like there would be if professionally monitored. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Need assistance to setup my door ring on front door.

Yes I have a door ring box which fully charged an awaits the command from you

Please tell me what the base station is and looks like

May I communicate directly with you your office via phone? If so so please respond with a phone number that I may talk you all.

Information on customer support below.
That should be all you need. Everything is on their website at