Door sensor sets off siren on exit delay

This morning is the first time using the Ring Alarm and when I set off the alarm (which is set to 60 seconds), all went well until I opened the back door. The siren went off and put me into a brief panic.

I ended up setting the alarm on away on my phone as I pulled out of garage. I looked in the settings and everything is setup correctly.

What did I do wrong?

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So, you have a 60 second delay for your alarm. What do you mean by, when you opened your alarm? Did you mean your door? If so is it set to be the Main door in the sensor settings? Otherwise it will go off immediately.

When I opened my back door to go into my garage the siren went off immediately. I will correct that in the post.

Away settings screen cap

You need to change that door sensor to Main door. It’s default is Secondary door.
Main door will allow the delay.
Same goes for motion detectors.
Change then to Entryway and they will also delay.
Go to menu, settings, alarm base, choose sensor, gear on top right, change placement to Main door for door sensor. Or Entryway for motion detectors.


Okay thank you! I will try that this evening after work.

Thank you for the examples @joevill! It sounds like one or more of your Contact Sensors are configured or assigned in the Ring app as window or secondary entryway. When they are configured this way, they will trigger the siren when armed, regardless of entry delay. If this is a door you frequent, we recommend listing as main door to avoid any false alarms.

To check on this setting, please open the menu (top left) on the main page in the Ring app, select “devices”, select “Alarm Base Station”, and select your Contact Sensors’ settings to edit the details and placement. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Let me know how it goes. It should solve your problem.

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It worked!!! Thank you very much!

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Glad to hear it’s working! Thanks for letting me know.

Thanks so much, this was driving me crazy!

Hey y’all I’m new to the ring community and I was having this issue when opening the back door the siren would go off. Your explanations did work thank you very much.

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