Door sensor not reporting

I just setup a new Ring security system this weekend. One of the contact sensors reports as closed and battery fine but no longer is working. I can set the alarm and walk right in. What really concerns me is that system is not reporting this. Any ideas?

Sounds like a defective sensor. One good reason to always check all your sensors once a week. I have had many different alarms, and they all recommend that. Even the wired systems have contacts that stick (have had a lot of those over the years).

But first try removing and replacing the battery . . . reboot the sensor.

Thank you. I guess I was suprised that the system does not report it is unable ot communicate with a sensor. I have no issue with a sensor going bad but expected it to tell me it could no longer see it. Maybe I am asking too much from the system. Was thinking of calling SimpliSafe to see what they said about their system.