Door sensor gen 1 burn mark

We have had our system about 5-6 months and we have a black mark showing on one of door sensors. It is also getting larger and darker. Looks like it is a burn mark.

Will someone from Ring customer support please contact me?

That top piece is only a magnet.
The bottom piece has the battery. You can remove the cover on the bottom one to see if anything is wrong with the battery.
You can also contact support here.
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Hey @Grbaur. Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention! We will make sure we follow up with you accordingly on this. We will have a member of our Safety and Security Team reach out to your as soon as they can. Please keep an eye out for an email from a member of that team! Thank you neighbor. :slight_smile:

Could it be metallic particles from somewhere (e.g. the door rubbing against the frame) sticking to the magnet?