Door open chime

I’m moving into a home with a pool soon, I have 2 small kids…can the ring alarm chime when a certain door is opened. It doesn’t need to announce which door, simply a noise from chimes or keypad to alert than an entry door was opened? Thanks!

Hey @Jbuck387. By default, when in Disarm mode, the Base Station will chirp whenever Contact Sensors are tripped. You can also change this tone in the app so that you know what door is being opened with what chirp tone. Once you have everything set up, you can explore these different chirp tones in the Ring app > Main Menu > Devices > Alarm Base Station > Contact Sensor to change chirp tone for > Chirp Tones tile. This can help you learn what door is being opened when so you can keep track of your children going in and out easily! :slight_smile:

Can the Base Station be set to chirp for Contact Sensors when in Home mode, but not when in Disarm?

(Our neighborhood has a thief who slips into front doors, grabbing purses etc. But there will be times when we don’t want the front door to chirp, so I’d put the system into Disarm.)

Hi @rerickson. You can disable chirps for your Contact Sensors and Motion Detectors when the system is Disarmed by adjusting the mode settings. Open the Ring App > Main Menu > Settings > Modes > Disarmed > toggle Chirps to off. This means that all chirps will be off when the system is Disarmed.