Door open announement

Currently i have “door open” annopuncements for my shed doors announced via an Amazon echo device in my living room.
However i also have another echo device in a room upstaris where i have my pc, i would like any announcements of open doors played through the upstairs device as well as the device in my living room.
I can see how to choose either echo device but i can see no way of having both devices announce “door open” at the same time.
Anyone know if this is possible ?

Hi @IJ1959. Which Ring device are you using to trigger this Echo announcement? Is this a Contact Sensor or a Video Doorbell? Feel free to attach a screenshot of the settings you’re looking at in the Alexa app, as I do not see an option to have announcements enabled on Contact Sensors. I do see the option to create a Routine for when the Contact Sensor is opened or closed, and you can have Alexa say something or send an announcement of your choosing.