Door contact sensor

I have just installed a door contact sensor in my main entry point to my house what I would like to know is if I set the 60s exit mode in home mode can I leave the house then close the door without disabling the alarm each time I go to work?
If this is true would it not be possible for someone to get into my house close the door and also not trip the alarm?
For this reason do you all set entry and exit mode in home mode to zero seconds ?
Sorry for all the questions and thanks in advance.

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The exit delay allows you to set the alarm, then leave the house through a door with the delay, so you can leave without setting the alarm. You set the time to give yourself plenty of time to leave.

The entry delay allows you to enter through a door with the delay, so you can get in and turn the alarm off before it goes off. Yes, anyone can enter and use those seconds to try and guess the code I suppose, good luck.

The only way to not have this situation would be to set no entry delay and always disarm from your phone before you open the door. Not sure that is always practical, but you could.

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Thanks for the reply, one more question if you enter whilst the entry delay is on then shut the door will the alarm sound once the entry time finishes

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Good questions @Mgee41! That is exactly right. Once the Alarm is armed and the entry delay is initiated, the Alarm will sound its siren upon completion of the entry delay countdown. Closing the door will not cancel the countdown, as you must disarm the Alarm through the Keypad or in the app. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: