Door constantly falls off


I have 2 doorbells, front and rear. The one on the back of the property constantly ceases sending notifications.
The device health is good and the Internet signal is always between 45 and 55. I have twice had to hard reset the device which has included removing the app from one device then use a 2nd device whilst reinstalling on original device, on the lengthy calls with ring.
This is now the 6th time this has happened in the 7th months I have owned it. How do you stop it from happening?
The front door is fine, I have swapped them and it just happens again no matter which device is at the rear.

Hi there, @666! Thank you for sharing all the steps you’ve tried. Taking that into consideration, this is likely going to be resolved through signal path or network optimization. Most routers are able to connect many devices throughout and around your home. Depending on how many devices reside in one area of your home, I recommend checking for any wifi enabled devices that might be “stealing” resources from the rear Doorbell, especially any that are demanding streaming resources. If both Doorbells are connected to your 2.4 Ghz wifi frequency, you might be able to spread resources evenly by connecting all your in-home devices to the 5 ghz network.

When it comes to signal path, this can also be impacted by electronic devices and more, commonly, large appliances. Starting from your router, it’s best to envision wifi radio signal transmission throughout your home and what it will run into on the way to each Doorbell. Multiple walls, solid objects, mirrors, metal objects, or appliances can all interfere with signal, some more than others. The best way to improve this signal path is either through router location, or a wifi extender, such as our Ring Chime Pro. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

It does not send notifications AND it does not record events ??

We live in a house with foot thick solid cement walls. Currently I have a netgear EX3700 extender leaning up to a window which is nearest the doorbell (which is on an outside foot thick stone wall 10 ft away from the extender). I set the extender up on a unique SSID which only the doorbell knows (on 2.4ghz band as 5.0 just didn’t work for me). Another thing you might try is looking at your router’s settings. The router I am using for this ring world lets me change the signal (radio ?) strength. I have that set to maximum.

I have the extender on an extension cord and I moved the extender around watching what effect the location had on the doorbell’s behavior. As it is, I have to be mindful of where I place the garbage can and whether my garage doors are open.

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