Door Chime Buzzing Non-Stop After Ring Pro Install

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I am a new Ring customer. I attempted to install my new Ring Doorbell Pro and as soon as I turned the breaker back on at the box the door chime installed in the foyer started making a very audible buzzing sound that wouldn’t stop. The Ring Pro also didn’t power on. If I had waited 30 minutes, maybe it would have but I was concerned by the buzzing so I disconnected everything in the chime box.

I checked the doorbell model, and it is an Edwards C210-W which is on the mechanical doorbell compatibility list for Ring Pro. The transformer is a 16V 10VA which meets the Ring Pro doorbell power requirements.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Update: I was able to resolve the issue. I re-wired the Ring Pro, swapped the red and the white wires, and ensured they were screwed down extra tight. It’s working now.



I had the exact same problem. After one year of no issues at all, the Ring doorbell wouldn’t turn on and the doorbell chime would buzz and half ring every 30 seconds or so. Super annoying!

It turned out that the wires connecting to the Ring doorbell was shorted! The wire insulation had worn out and the bare wires were touching each other. I was able to fix by wrapping electrical tape over the exposed parts of the wire.

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If this doesn’t work for anyone, here’s a post I made on another Ring community topic created by someone with a similar issue: video solved the issue for me with my Ring Doorbell Pro.

Here’s the link to the Resistorson Amazon. Very easy to do (and didn’t get shocked either!)

I had buzzing too in my ring pro with 2 internal chime setup on one of the chimes. First I tried a power kit for each chime instead of just one, but this caused the chime not to sound at all. Thanks to Dubitz, I learned about the resistor to lower the chime transformer voltage. The power kit is about 4ish ohms resistance, which is too low to allow chime operation. For me, a 20 ohm was needed to get a good balance of chime operation and eliminating the buzzing noise. 10 ohm resulted in too weak a chime. I think Ring should consider providing an accessory for this to resolve buzzing issues…this was frustrating and probably something the Ring folks have heard a number of times from customers already.

I installed mine about a week ago, it worked fine for a day. After that day it only rings one mechanical chime and not the second one. Few days later I get a really bad buzzing and vibration coming from the striker. I have had absolutely zero help from ring customer service. They told me to call a technician. The house is literally brand new. The wiring is fine. Ive tried every troubleshooting under the sun with no success. Even removed the device and set up as new. Triple checked all wiring. No success. continues to buzz. Will probably just return it if customer service is going to continue to ignore the fact that my ring has a problem with the unit itself.

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Im replying to my own post here…I searched across these for hours on end and one person said to remove my ring from my devices in the alexa app. It worked. No more humming, no more buzzing, and both strikers in the mechanical chime fire how they are supposed to.

I installed a 10 ohm 2 Watt resistor in the manner described in the videos (between hot and ground/neutral and voila! It is now dead quiet and the doorbell still chimes loudly as before. Thanks for the tips it has solved a confounding problem. This solution set me back $1.86 for a pack of two resistors.

As I sit her I cannot remember the voltage of my doorbell system but I believe 16 volts.

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Late to the party but thought I could still contribute. Just bought the Ring Pro. Had the same issue with the rattling noise. I replaced the doorbell chimes with a Ring Pro compatible model but still had the rattling. In my case, it turns out the doorbell transformer was not supplying enough power to the Ring Pro. The original transformer was rated at 8-10 V. The Ring Pro needs 16v. I replaced the transformer and have not had any issues so far.

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I am having the same issue. I had the original ring doorbell one for years, now upgraded to the pro and there’s a horrible buzzing sound in my foyer. Switched out the red and white wires made sure they were tight still having this issue

Hi there, neighbors! As many neighbors have shared throughout the Community, checking wiring variables is the best place to start for this concern. I wanted to share our Hardwiring Checklist for the Doorbell Pro, which covers all the best steps for troubleshooting power variables. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Checking wiring variables is the best place to start for this concern. I wanted to share this Hardwiring Checklist we made for the Doorbell Pro, which covers all the best steps for troubleshooting power variables. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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