Door bell uses cat6 to chime

Hello fellow Ring users. I just moved into a new house and they use cat6 (white blue and blue) from the doorbell to the chime. Is there a ring doorbell that can work with that wiring to ring the chime?


This is a great question, @jtnokia! Most will often overlook this detail, but cat6 is certainly a factor to consider in wiring. Ultimately the gauge of wire is what matters most, keeping in mind that cat6 is often thin spliced wire, thus, it can cause resistance in your flow of voltage. Here is our wire gauge help center article for the Video Doorbell Pro for reference.

For battery-powered Video Doorbell models, luckily, they run primarily off of their battery, and use the wiring as a trickle charge or to operate the chime kit. Here is my Hardwiring Checklist for Battery-Powered Video Doorbells, filled with tips that helped me with installation. :slight_smile: