Door bell triggers motion event when it changes to day or night mode

The ring door bell is issuing a motion event each time it changes to night vision or day vision. My attempt to automate my poarch lights when motion is detected failed because the door bell sees the lights turning off as a motion event.

I set it up so that after dusk if motion is detected the porch lights come on for 45 seconds, the problem is that when they turn off the door bell sees it as a motion event and the lights turn right back on.

this sounds like a serious bug/flaw in the design - can anyone suggest if there is any adjustment etc that can be made.

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Hey @amrit46 ! This answer is going to depend on the type of Video Doorbell you have. If it is a battery operated one, these utilize heat signatures, in which a light should not be affecting. If this is a Video Doorbell Pro, then adjusting zones and sensitivity might assist. Let us know which device you have and if we can be of more help.

Hi, it is a door bell pro with a PoE hardwired ethernet connection. I will try changing the zones, but that still does’nt explain why it sends a motion alert when it changes to and from night vision.

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Hi neighbor! Are you referring to our Elite? Feel free to send over your zones, or give our support team a call at 800-656-1918. We’ll be sure to send over this feedback to the team too, as we are always working on improving our neighbors experience.

yes it is the elite. I made the zone smaller and set the sensitivity closer to people, I’ll see how that goes then give support a call.