Door bell stopped working like the others have said

Door bell stops working after couple events about a month or so ago the doorbell started to go off and not stop changed out the transformer to a ring plug in style from ring itsself now the door bell works couple times then stops untill i unplug it from wall and replug in . im not to happy with ring expensive and should last longer then a year wish i could get a full refund and go with Nest instead

Hi there, @Jaredk! Which model of Ring Doorbell do you have? I recommend trying out a reset, by holding the setup button for 20 seconds. Once complete, reconnect and test your Video Doorbell. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

To add, if you have a Video Doorbell Pro, feel free to check out our Hardwiring Guide for a complete list of steps! :slight_smile:

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Can someone advice me in my ring doorbell it has stopped working and won’t charge since the cold weather. Do I need a replacement battery ??