Door bell says poor connection toon when it’s a strong connection

Hi since the new software I keep getting on poor connection on my door bell at the front of the house. The RSSI is -35 so a very strong signal . This only happened since the latest release .
Can you fix .

I am having a similar problem with a Ring 2 doorbell. My rssi is -53. Upload and down load speeds are fine according to the Ring App WiFi test, but connection is still poor. After a lengthy call to Ring I was told my “actual signal strength” is not adequate. They measured the signal using my MAC address. Apparently the self test using the Ring app is not a good indicator of signal strength. Which begs the question “why do they include it with the app?” I have 80 Mbps download and 12 Mbps upload measured at the doorbell but that’s meaningless. I was also told the Ring WiFi extender would not help.

Rings advice: Move the router closer or pay for more WiFi horsepower (I have Xfinity Blast Pro) with the xfinity pods WiFi extender. I asked why can I watch a 4K video at the doorbell on my iPad but still have a signal that’s too weak. The explanation sounded like double talk. Not happy with Ring Doorbell 2 at all!

Hey neighbors. It certainly sounds like your wifi speeds are more than sufficient for operation. That’s a great start! Your wifi signal strength is the next best thing to consider, in which our Community post about RSSI can provide tips for optimizing. Signal strength, or RSSI, measures distance and interference on the way to your Ring device to ensure connection is efficient. While your RSSI might look adequate, it is important to still consider factors that might affecting this.

Large appliances, thick exterior walls, or even a great distance between your router and Ring device can certainly delay a connection. If you’ve already checked all of these variables, there are a couple other best practices for an optimized home network experience. Too many devices connected to your router, an out of date router, a router located in an enclosed area or around kitchen appliances, or even too many streaming/ gaming devices operating on wifi at the same time can all effect the performance of wifi.

Feel free to let us know of any improvements, or further observations you have, while checking the above factors. :slight_smile: