Door bell records blank screen

Just got a ring doorbell, used but it was still functioning normally when it was removed from the previous residence. The battery is fully charged and it detects motion and will send notifications to me when I press the button. I however get no video at all, no live or recorded video. The circular light around the button flashes white for a while then solid blue for a few seconds, then flashes blue and repeats. The doorbell is hard wired and gets 12vac. I thought it was the wifi signal at first but the functionality doesnt change when I have it sitting next to the router. The rssi number where installed is 52 and when sitting next to the router it is 11. It has at one point taken video because during setup when selecting the motion field the background was my front porch. Not a clue what is going on.

Hey @we1. We have a Help Center Article here that you could check out in regards to this! This article details what could be causing a black video on your Doorbell and how to resolve it!