Door bell pro blinking white

Door bell pro has had some fix from ring???

Didn’t know it wasn’t working (cos it was). But now it’s not.

Showing blinking white light, as if firmware update for the last 3 days.

Also says could be low power. So ordered new transformer to check. Still doing the same!

Doesn’t reset or rejoin Wi-Fi if you take cover off and press the button on the side. Light won’t spin to reconnect

Anyone had anything similar, cos it’s a pain in the arse

Thanks, mark

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My Video door bell pro has also started behaving the exact same way.

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I experienced the same thing since the last iOS app version update on 12/13/21. I removed the battery, charged it to 100%, reinstalled the battery then pressed the Ring Doorbell button a few times in a row within 5-10 seconds & then I noticed my indoor chime finally rang again like it use to & the spinning white light went away. However, all motions are still being miscategorized as only “motion detection” versus explicitly notifying me when “Person Detected”, as that is the primary type of movement I want to immediately get alerted about. I could care less about the 50 motion detected notifications of cars driving back & forth in front of my house in my neighborhood.

The Doorbell Pro might show a white light for a couple reasons. Firmware updates, setup/ reconnection attempts, and even a successful connection can result in seeing a white LED. Check out the Help Center article below to reference light patterns for your device.

Give it some time to see if it is simply a firmware update completing. Checking power and wifi connection variables is always the best next step. :slight_smile: