Door bell notifications on phone

I have a Peephole doorbell and am using the Android app on 2 Google Pixel phones

  • A Pixel 3 with the primary ring account that the bell is registered to
  • A Pixel 3a with an account the bell is shared with

Both phones are configured with exactly the same settings and tones.

Both phones notify of movement, however quite often the phone on the primary account does not receive notification that the button has been pushed and play the tone whereas the phone on the shared account always works.

This means that we have missed people ringing the doorbell, not great for a doorbell seeing as it is it’s primary purpose.

Obviously the event is recorded in the history (not surprising as it notified one of the phones correctly) so the issue is not with the bell but with the way the app is being notified or processing the notification.

I have checked all the permissions and battery saving modes on both phones and they are identical with no restrictions or optimising switched on. Also both phones have the same number of limited apps on them (as I manage both phones).

Hi there, @Baz_8755! With the notification being received by one of the mobile devices, this is a great sign that your Video Doorbell is sending the notifications signal successfully. Comparing mobile devices was a great call, as this will help to find the outlying factor here. During these times when a ring/ button push notifications is received on one mobile device, is there also a motion event saving? Depending on variables such as signal, processing, and communication, a motion event might be received before the ring notification.

I recommend installing the Rapid Ring app on the mobile device logged in as owner, and toggling the notification toggles on the Rapid Ring app. Please also ensure there is not a vpn enabled. As you are using an android device, please check for any android apps that conflict with the Ring app. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

I got an email that my doorbell battery had died. Before that, I received no notification that my battery was low. On my phone in the Notification section, all the boxes are checked to receive notifications.

Update: We now find that sometimes both phones do not receive doorbell ring, other times just one does and others they both work. I would suspect it is highly likely that a motion video is being uploaded but that does not excuse the fact that a doorbell press should still ring.

In normal operation you would expect a movement notification (say for the postman putting a letter in the mail box) but if he needs a signature then he will press the bell. So normally you may get a motion detection which you can safely ignore but if someone presses the bell you will almost certainly want to be notified, regardless as to whether or not a video is uploading

I have tried the Rapid app but it is not suitable as a replacement for the Ring app as it does not allow for personalisation of the sounds and has no setting as to whether or not overide do not disturb. As you can imagine my phone goes into do not disturb overnight and I don’t particularly want to be notified of movement events but would definitely want to be able to tell if someone is ringing the doorbell.

Probably related to this issue

Further to my last reply I have noticed the following using the Android app.

As there is often a delay in sounding the motion detected sound the visitor can press the doorbell just as the motioned detected sound is playing. In these situations the doorbell ring sound is never played.

As previously mentioned the doorbell rind sound should always have priority of if this is not possible it should be played immediately after the movement detected sound…