Door bell annoying beep

My ring doorbell that I have had for about 3 months has now developed and annoying beep. Red lights turn on when it senses motion and beeps. Dog won’t go on porch and I’m about to stop myself. Was not do this before the end of september. Ring help us!

Hey @Hpkiv. Do you mind taking a video of this and uploading it to a streaming software, such as YouTube, to then link the video example here so we can know what beeping you are referring to? In addition, you can try resetting and then reconnecting your Doorbell to see if this helps. For the reset you will press and hold the setup button for 20 seconds and then go into the Device Health section to reconnect it following the steps here. Let me know how that goes and if it helps, and a video example so we know what you’re running into if it’s happening still!

Found the problem was not the ring device but a power supply for another device on the porch. Unit was in close proximity and was deceiving. All is goo was my mistake.

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