Door bell 2 and cctv stick up camers

First. Door bell. - When people pass motion comes after event, I entered but it didn’t notify until 3 or 4 minutes later also some time it shows nothing.
Second cctv - This related to door bell as well when I look for recording on the cctv and then check the door bell nothing is there. Problem cctv mains operated motion set to end of cul-du-sack, when cars come into the cul du sack to the end of it there is nothing there this is to do with a silver car where I want to see who comes out of the next minute its parked did not see it coming in and not seen who has come out of it.
I see other cars coming in and across the back you can see the cars this is set to record all the time when I go back to view to see when it came init dose not show this,this is between 3-5pm
How can I fix this.
Thanks Anna

Hi @Anna118. This could be related to your Motion Settings and Motion Frequency. There are a few Community Articles that could provide some assistance! This article goes over setting up your Motion Zones and this one discusses your Motion Frequency. If possible, attach a screenshot of your Motion Zones so the Community can best help you optimize your motion detection. With you noticing this during a specific time of day, it may be relative to the position of the sun and the angle of the Doorbell. I hope this helps!