DON'T KILL DESKTOP APP COMPLETELY: Provide lightweight app, with Live View notifications

I think removing the desktop app is an bad idea in general – but would propose to Ring a compromise solution:

Provide a desktop app that offers these core features:

  • Native platform alerts whenever movement is detected or doorbell rings – that includes at minimum a static picture preview of what the camera shows, but ideally live video
  • Native platform alert which displays record of when movement / doorbell was triggered (based on preferences) – and when you click on the alert, it launches the Ring website and takes you to that particular event’s recording.
  • Option to open up live-view on-demand (e.g. a Mac menu bar app, where you can select a doorbell/camera and show the live view). If live video is genuinely a challenge for your developers … then this could link to the live view on the web app … but either way provide a handy shortcut from a native platform app.
  • Options to snooze alerts for a period … for all devices the desktop App user is logged in as (e.g. - including their mobile phone).
  • A link to website for all other functions – historic views, changing settings, etc.

This should keep the desktop app lightweight, and allow you to focus on developing rich functionality in the web app. But provide the “quick view” functions that people want on their computer screen, and don’t want to have to get their phone out of their pockets for.


Completely agree! A REALLY bad decision for Ring desktop or laptop users!! When the camera is triggered I currently have immediate access to a pop up camera view on my MacBook. I don’t have to log in to a website or click a notification, it’s live as it’s happening. Removing the app reduces reaction time greatly and makes the system less secure. I personally hate this decision. Yes, hate is a strong word but we depend on this app daily not only for security reasons but also for general monitoring of our premises. What would ever inspire Ring to change their effective system to be less secure! Please rethink this decision!


I absolutely hate the idea of discontinuing Windows 10. My reasons: When receiving an alert on my phone - step 1, pick up the phone; step 2, unlock phone; step 3 probably change screen on phone; step 4 open ring app; step 5 locate correct camera; step 6 wait for connection to camera; step 7 the event triggering the camera is long gone.

Reasons for keeping Windows 10: 1. App always open in background. 2. Get an alert. 3. Locate camera. 4. Open live view.

Time for NO Windows: At least 25-30 seconds. Time for Windows app about 6 seconds. As you can see, the Windows app is ideal for a person who works at their computer all day. When I first heard about Windows being discontinued I had to go out and buy a couple of Echo shows so I had a screen large enough to actually see the event.

One of the reasons I purchased Ring in the first place was the Windows app.


i just bought a ring camera, to monitor my 3d printer. i WANTED to be able to use this on DESKTOP. BUT, seeing this thread, it seems like i will not be able to do so.
FIRST, the desktop login is NOT CONNECTING to live feed of the camera. The PHONE is, same wi-fi, network, router, etc, so it is not a connection issue.
i would hate to see the desktop application disappear, or be crippled


Bait-and-Switch! Cancelling my subscription because of this ill-conceived decision by Ring.


I’ve found it to be the fastest way to launch Ring from my desktop, and communicate with the visitor. The web version is too many clicks and takes too long to pull up. I tried it once, ended up missing a FedEx delivery because I couldn’t get the web version to load fast enough!


I’ve been using all ring security products and the fact that they’ve discontinued their desktop support has me seriously considering other products for the reasons mmnz has mentioned above. I am on my laptop all the time, and occasionally on a mobile device, and if there is an alert on my phone I have to go through all these steps (mmnz has kindly listed) just to see video from my SECURITY cameras. Not efficient, not expedient, NOT SAFE nor SECURE.

If there is a Chrome plug-in for notifications, I’ve yet to find it.

So incredibly disappointed.

I understand Simply Safe still offers desktop support.


Please reconsider keeping the Desktop app - I have this running in the background and find it extremely useful. Opening a browser tab is not a better option.


Please do not kill the Mac Ring App, I find it very useful. I don’t want alert on my phone and I will not buy an echo show. Please keep supporting the app.

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And, oh look… there was some kind of outage in December 2021 and – thanks to being part of the stupid IOT – we were unable to use our Ring cameras during that period.

Killing the desktop app is New-Coke-level stupid. I will definitely be shopping around for a replacement.

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I totally agree with you. Killing the Desktop APP is unwise and unfair to desktop/laptop user.
"Reasons for keeping Windows 10: 1. App always open in background. 2. Get an alert. 3. Locate camera. 4. Open live

TRUE! By the time you log in, open ring and obtain a live view - The event is long gone.

Hey Neighbors. Check out this post here where a neighbor has had good success with using From what they describe, it sounds like it is a great solution.

Funny, I’ve never ever used the desktop app and I’m able to operate my Ring system just fine via a browser (with notifications) or my phone.
I’m glad Ring has decided to remove what is likely a little used app and focus their development efforts in other areas.

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