Don't buy Ring

I will never buy another ring product, everytime there is motion and I go to check it, it says downloading update :rage::rage:

Hi @brucearner. Which model of Ring Doorbell or Camera do you have? You can find the model name on the Device Health page. Additionally, would you mind sharing a screenshot of this message you’re receiving in the Ring app? I’d be happy to help with general troubleshooting tips and tricks after having a bit more information.

The ring doorbell has after 2 years and 1 Month problem with the view. We only have 2 years warranty. After 2 years ring customer service give me only 30% discount on a new ringdoorbell. Very dissapoint because i taugh I can use the doorbell for a longer time then 2 years and 1 month. Sollution new doorbell that I can longer use then 2 years.

Great post, this company was much better before Amazon bought them. Now they just care about their bottom line not the customer or the product.