Dome Siren

Is there a decent siren that works with Ring Alarm? I bought 4 Dome Sirens for a client, and the siren is not very loud, it was embarrassing. After the test, one of them would not shut off; I had to remove it physically.

Hi @connect! The Dome Siren sounds it’s siren at 95 decibels, whereas the Base Station has a 104 decibel siren, in comparison. While the Dome Siren might be slightly quieter than the Base Station, the sound should still be noticeable. Keep in mind that the Keypad is also an extension of the Alarm siren, of course not as loud as the other methods. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Have you tried it yourself? It’s not loud, I bought 4 and placed it in various locations. It was embarrassing, my customer made me take them down.