Dome siren keeps disconnecting and going offline

I have bought one of these Dome sirens from the US shop. The UK shop has a Ring outdoor siren but it seems this is not available in the US. Question 1: Why not? As I have learned that US and UK products are not compatible as they use different frequencies the UK shop is no option for me.

So I connected the Dome siren to my alarm system and it works fine. However the siren keeps disconnecting and going offline every some days. I have placed the siren right next to a range extender - still the same. I then placed the siren right next to the base station - and it stopped disconnecting and stayed online for several weeks already. So it seems the Dome siren cannot deal with a range extender. Question 2: Is that really correct?

Because of course I don’t need my siren next to the base station who has a siren included already - I need it away from the base station to make the alarm being heard on the other side of the house which I think is a pretty basic requirement. Question 3: How exactly did the engineers imagined the customers use their siren on several locations around the house if range extenders don’t work?

Hi @srudin. The Dome Siren can use the range extenders for the Ring Alarm to extend its signal. If your Dome Siren is disconnecting from your Base Station, try the following steps:

  • Change the location of the Range Extender.
  • Reboot your Base Station by quickly pressing and releasing the reset button at the back of the device with a paper clip or similar tool. Do not press and hold the reset button down for longer than one second to avoid factory resetting the device.

If you have tried these steps and are still having the same concern, give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here for further assistance. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

Good to hear that the siren should be able to use range extenders. About your suggestions:

  • Battery cannot be the problem. If the siren is located close to the base station there are no issues. Also in the app the device shows the full power bars.
  • Cannot be a problem of the area. There are 4 other ring devices in this area and they all work fine.
  • I have actually bought a new range extender to make this problem go away and placed it right next to the siren. What more could one do?!
  • Ok, will try to reset the base station, this I haven’t done so far. But actually I doubt that it will help.

Ok, contacting support is an option of course. Let’s see if they can help…

As said in almost every other of my posts already Ring support is completely useless. They make you redo what you have done 10 times already, then tell you maybe something is broken but they cannot send a replacement because you are not in a supported area. I was hoping for some community support but seems community is not very helpful either. At least not for the 4, 5 questions that I have posted so far. Anyway, here are some findings that may help someone else:

  • There are 2 ways to connect the siren to the base station. When adding the device you can either select “Security”, “Works with Ring” OR “Security”, “Siren”. At the beginning I used the first option because the picture of the siren is the one from Ring that is only available in Europe so I figured I should go with “Works with Ring” - however using this option I was not able to get a stable connection. I then found that when selecting the “Siren” option you can actually choose which siren you have and the US indoor siren is listed there as well. Using this option has worked significantly better for me.
  • I have an Ikea shelf made of iron. Placing devices close to that shelf seems to block communication. Moving them away from the shelf even by 1ft improves the connection significantly.

I still have issues that the siren disconnects sometimes. I can then go to the device options and choose “Try to reconnect” which immediately reconnects the device. Guess the connection can’t be that bad if that works right away so I have no idea why it disconnected before. But hey, I will just live with that as it happens only occasionally now and my expectations to Ring products have become so low that I don’t want to bother anymore.

PS: A reboot/reset didn’t help at all.