Dome Siren device not found

I am trying to set up my dome siren. It didn’t find the device immediately like it said so I hit the button 3 times and it lights up red to pair. I get device not found. It will not let me pair it. I included a photo of it also. Any help of what to do, i would appreciated it. Only issue I have been having with the set up is this!

Apparently, my siren is set up but in my alarm base station section i guess. This is how it reads though. Is this how it is supposed to read as “off”?

@Prozen9595 Yes, all of the Ring Alarm devices will show up under the Alarm Devices section in your Ring App. This is to help things from getting too cluttered under the main Devices tab. Additionally, the Dome Siren will read as Turned Off when it is not actively alarming so you should be good to go here. :slight_smile: