Dome Flashes and woman's voice speaks

I’ve got a wired camera w/ floodlights. Purchased several years ago. It’s wired in place of one of two garage carriage lights. I turn it on, from the garage light switch, generally only when I leave my house and at night. It’s generally been problem free. In the last week or so when I’ve turned it on at night the white plastic dome beneath the camera flashes (not strobes) and a woman’s voice says something from the camera’s speaker. Being hard of hearing I cannot understand what “she” says. The message is said only once and the dome continues to flash. If I turn off the camera from the switch and then turn it back on the camera/floodlight behaves normally. It doesn’t happen every time I turn on the light switch. It’s only happened about 4 or 5 times since it started about a week and a half ago. Since it doesn’t happen every time, and the “woman’s” message isn’t repeated, I don’t know what I’m missing. I don’t know if it’s some kind of error message, an advertisement or a warning. Would someone please tell me what is happening and whether or not I need to address some issue? Thank you.

Hi @user29872. It is hard to say what your Camera is saying, as they have a few different things they can say. In your situation, where you are shutting the power off to it and turning it back on, that is like rebooting it, which will have the Camera flash white and say it is trying to reconnect to your wifi. If your Camera is working as it should after it finishes flashing and speaking, then there is nothing to be concerned about. I hope this helps.

Thank you Justin for your response. I’m not convinced this is a “re-boot” and failing to reconnect issue. You may be right of course. But my Ring App notifies me whenever one of my cameras fails to connect to my WiFi. That is not occurring. It just happened again a few minutes ago. I turned the light on (from the garage switch) and by the time I stepped outside she (Ring) was in the middle of whatever she was saying and then the dome below the camera began to flash steadily (not strobe). Or at least not what I would consider strobing. It flashes about every 1 second. And it continues to flash until I go back inside and turn the light switch off. I turned it back on after a few seconds and then the light/camera works again normally. Before I “re-set” it I checked the App for any messages and found none.