Dollbell stolen

Is there anything I can do to help find out where my ring doorbell is, it was stolen from my front door ??

Hi @Sunnyj ! Sorry to hear this. Check out our warranty page on for more information about our theft protection.

That doesn’t really answer the question. My ring cam has been stolen too. I’m getting messages that someone else is trying to set it up, but it is being blocked as it has a unique MAC address. But is there a way to see where this new location is?

Thank you.

Hey there neighbors. You can learn more about what to do if your device is stolen here, so that you can take the next steps needed. If someone attempts a setup on your stolen device, a system generated email will be sent to you indicating this. Please ignore, as it is alerting you that we are aware a device is registered to you, and are not allowing it to complete a setup. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

my doorbell was stolen wat can i do i really want to take action

You need to get a police report for the stolen doorbell. Then contact customer service. It’s covered, but only with a police report.
Information on customer support below.