Doesn't ring like a normal doorbell would if pressed more than once

With my old doorbell you press the button and it rings, press it again and it rings again. With my Ring doorbell it doesn’t work until the blue light stops circling. How can I set it to ring every time it’s pushed.

Hi @user67215. You cannot change this. This is how all Ring Doorbells will function with pre-exiting chimes.

My point has nothing to do with the pre-existing chimes, it has a good choice of sounds and I’m very happy with the one I’ve chosen. My point is that the doorbell will not work for 25ish seconds after being pressed. As a delivery person I find this very annoying when trying to get an answer at a house when I can tell someone is actually home but didn’t hear my initial ring. I then find myself waiting ages for the doorbell to be able to function again like a normal doorbell would so I can try ringing again.
Can you tell me how to make it ring every time I press it, then I can pass this information on to customers I deliver too that have a Ring doorbell.

@user67215. I apologize and thank you for clarifying your concern. You cannot change this; you will have to wait 20–30 seconds until the Doorbell is ready to be rung again.

That’s ridiculous. I will mention this in my review on Amazon. I just had an Amazon delivery today. I watched someone ring the doorbell then have to wait 20 seconds because my wife hadn’t realised the doorbell had rung. It would have been obvious she was in as she had music playing so with a normal doorbell you could just ring again. If that was me I’d be very frustrated waiting and not able to ring again, plus does Amazon not realise it is slowing down it’s own delivery drivers.
Ring have reinvented the doorbell to one that doesn’t ring, incredible!!!

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