Doesnt record during certain night hours

Ive tried EVERYTHING! E V E R Y T H I N G under the sun! No matter what setting, if i clean out history of recordings, clear cache etc…this dang thing will NOT record after a certain time and wont start again until a certain time every single day for MONTHS now.
Ya’ll need to stop blaming everyones issue on this subject on wifi connectivity / strength, the app, power source etc. This problem is NOT my internet as they have had me check my speeds and connectivity strength etc and all are always excellent on the numbers, and its hardwired and its a constant powwr flow, not run by a light switch or any battery.
Ive read all the support suggestions in other postings on here that were closed because of so many complaints about this same thing such as this link to this post here (Ring does not record after midnight ). Nothing I do fixes this issue. I have to push live to record which leaves me on edge all night because its overnight hours it fails. I bought this thing because my car has been hit twice, (kids watched guys across street hit it when having their parties till 4 am), cars cat converters stolen all over our neighborhood and on my street and every week cars broken into and vandized and Im in military / civilian mixed housing off base so not much I can do without proof. So much of this all around the entire city the cops wont do anything but take reports of thefts and insurance asks for proof. Said get a ring doorbell. :roll_eyes: What a waste.
This is rhe 2nd ring doorbell Ive owned. The first one kept doing the same but we (tech support and myself) thought .aybe because it was battery vs hardwired, but nope. Both do the same thing. Bought my parents a generic one to see if any better than this Ring brand and theirs doesnt do this and has better video quality and is cheaper. So I will be switching to one like I bought them.
I pay my dues yearly and this is ridiculous. The hours its really needed and it doesnt even work no matter how i set it, clear cache, uninstall / reinstall, update etc. Just VERY disappointing.

Having the same ISSUE! NOTHING I do seems to fix the issue! My lighting has not changed!