Doesn’t detect motion

I see countless posts about this same issue which is pretty scary since capturing motion is the entire point of the device. I have had this device for about a month now and have had multiple occasions of missing motion. I am like a few people who didn’t have the delivery person captured which makes it difficult to know when your package arrives. A week ago I went out to take the dog for a walk which it caught me leaving but didn’t capture me coming back in the same exact direction. Now, today, I have solar lights in the ground by my pathway and you can look at the live view recording of it being intact, the the video skips and it’s destroyed. Absolutely no recording of the act in question. Explain to me how that works? The sad part is you’ll probably want to view my settings as a way to make sure everything is correct for optimal motion detection. Well, it’s at max settings in order to capture things like this. I get about 40 notifications a day about cars and kids on bikes, but not the things happening right in front of the device. And, due to these settings, the battery only lasts about 2 weeks so I was forced to buy a second one so there would be no downtime to the recordings. Even though the website says it would be good for about 8 weeks (max motion settings coming into play). Can anyone reason with me why this device fails its purpose and maybe recommend something more reliable? Thanks.

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Hey @Fearce22. What Doorbell do you have? What does your Live View looks like and what are your Motion Settings, like your Motion Zones and Motion Frequency? Having this information can help out greatly in your case!