Does using the Dorrbell and Chime require a roundtrip to the Internet

One of my challenges with the doorbell is the latency. It takes quite a while for a doorbell press (or even motion) notification to make it’s way through wireless, the internet and back to my phone.

I’m considering installing Chime as well and wanted to know if it would use the same comm. mechanism? or is there a direct connection between the Video Doorbell and the Chime?

If it uses the same mechanism then Chime isn’t the solution for my problem…and I’m guessing that this will be the case.
Thanks for the help!

Hi @minglegs. Both the the Ring Doorbell and the Ring Chime are connected to the Ring app via your wifi network, and that’s how they communicate with each other. There will be a slight delay after someone rings the Doorbell before the notification will sound on the Chime. If you’re experiencing significant delays in notifications, I’d recommend checking the RSSI on your Doorbell as well as verifying the wifi strength on your mobile phone to reduce any excessive delays.