Does the video quality degrade once the battery charge is 50% and below?

I have a new Stick Up Cam Battery camera (Feb 2021). The video recordings viewed in the app, webpage or phone app were initially very good while the battery charge was still high. Now that charge is at 50% or below—the video has been degraded and I consider it poor quality.

Is that a design feature that is not publicly documented or a Stick Up Cam defect or temporary Ring streaming problem?

Note: my Internet Service is working perfectly.

Hi @Skyler-7. Video quality is reliant on RSSI. If you have a good RSSI and adequate wifi speeds, you should have good video quality. You can also try to switch your ports and protocols to see if this will improve your RSSI. The battery level in your Ring Device will not affect the quality of your video. I hope this information helps!