Does the Video Doorbell Wired need a resistor?

I blew out a brand new transformer, it stopped working after attaching the Video Doorbell Wired

Does the Video Doorbell Wired need a resistor? I don’t have an existing Doorbell setup and would like to connect directly from the transformer to the Doorbell.

According to the article, there isn’t an explicit mention of a resistor; it looks like the bell wires go directly to the doorbell from the transformer.

We don’t have the option to use a plug-in adapter

No diode is needed for this setup. When installing the Ring Video Doorbell Wired, there will be an included Jumper Cable to place on your chime kit terminals . This effectively bypasses the chime kit to deliver the power directly to your Doorbell Wired.

That Help Center article you shared is perfect for your scenario, in which simply connecting to wires from the power supply (see power requirements) is proper. :slight_smile:

I have the same problem. 2 transformers have blown when connecting to Video Doorbell Wired. It works initially, but fails very quickly after a few motion detections. I have 120V input coming to transformer (16VAC - 30VA). Output power was reading 17.6V using a multi-meter. Any help would be appreciated? I had considered adding a second device for my back door as well, but hesitate to do so if transformers are going to be a problem. If a second one is added, does that require a separate transformer or will they run off the same one?