Does the tamper alert set off siren immediately?

Hello, I’ve been using Ring Alarm for around a month now, and one of my contact sensors just triggered a false alarm because the door was pushed a little more toward the door frame while it was already closed. I’ve now set up entry and exit delay on all sensors (by setting everything to main door, which I didn’t realize before was required for entry/exit delay to be enabled). I’ve become deathly afraid of triggering more false alarms in the middle of the night and waking everyone in the house up and have a couple of questions.

  1. I’ve read that tamper alerts can also set off the siren and that there have been reports of false tamper alerts. Does it set the siren off immediately, and is there a way to disable it completely from setting the siren off, or apply some kind of delay to it to ensure there’s actually an issue?
  2. Also, I am nearing end of a trial period for Ring Protect Plus which gives me cellular backup when the wifi is disconnected. I like the cellular backup feature but otherwise have no need for professional monitoring. What happens when the wifi cuts off when I no longer have Protect Plus? Does it trigger any sirens or just a notification on the app?


Hey @yooshi. If a sensor is tampered when you try to go into Home/Away mode, the Keypad will ask you to bypass the sensor, as well as the app will ask if you want to bypass the sensor. Bypassing the sensor means that it will be ignored in that switching of modes and will not be monitored. Therefore, a bypassed sensor will not set off your alarm. If you are in Away/Home mode and the sensor itself becomes tampered (tampered means the cover is off or not on, which could be from foul play since you’re not home), the Alarm will go off immediately, no matter what mode you are in, what delay you have, and what the Placement is. You’ll get a notification of the sensor being tampered, and that your alarm is sirening, which you can disarm as needed or investigate further.

Without the Protect Plus plan, you will lose the professional monitoring and the cellular backup. If you have multiple Ring Cameras or Doorbells, you may want to get the Plus Plan to cover all those devices and get cellular backup. You do not have to utilize the Professional Monitoring when you have the plan as well, but can still enjoy the cellular backup. In the event that you do not have cellular backup, instead of going into cellular backup, the alarm will fall offline. You should get a notification that the alarm has fallen offline. If you are in home or away mode when the alarm falls offline, it will not trigger the alarm, but give you that notification. Please note that once the Base Station is back online, it should still be armed in whatever mode it was in before. Ensure you disarm the system from the App to ensure it is disarmed as soon as it is back online. You can use the Keypad, but you will need to ensure the Keypad is online as well. If your Base Station is offline for awhile, it may cause your other devices to fall offline from being unable to communicate to the Base Station.