Does the stick up cam elite come with an outdoor power supply?

My old Stick Up Cam Elite came with an outdoor sealed power supply. I don’t see anywhere in the current specs for this camera that include an outdoor power supply.

Hi @MDK. Would you be able to provide a photo or an example of the outdoor power supply that you are referring to from your old Stick Up Cam Elite? I’d be happy to take a look and check with my team on this once I have more information. :slight_smile:

See attached photo. This is the outdoor power supply that was furnished with my original Stick Up Cam Elite.

Hi @MDK! You’ll be happy to see we’ve added a Stick Up Camera Elite Indoor/ Outdoor Power Adapter on our accessories page. In addition to that, while the Stick Up Camera Elite sale page shows a POE adapter included, there is actually a purchase option at the beginning of the page for it to come with the Indoor/ Outdoor power option. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: