Does the Ring Video Doorbell Wired (black) work with existing chime?

I have the Ring Video Doorbell Wired, black version. Should I be able to get my original chime bell working? I tried to use the jumper and that didn’t get it ringing when the doorbell was pressed. What I did was leave both wires on the terminals of the chime bell that’s already on the wall, and then added the jumper cable to the two terminals also. I believe that’s what I need to do, correct? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @AdamZ101. The Ring Doorbell Wired is intended to not ring your internal chime. The Jumper Cable is used to “Jump” the terminals so your chime kit will not ring. If you want your internal chime kit to ring, you’ll need a different doorbell model. You can also use a Ring Chime or an Alexa device to alert you wirelessly. I hope this helps.