Does the Ring Stick Up Camera work on cellular data?

I have the Wireless Ring Stick Up Camera ($99.00) for indoor and outdoor use.
However, my house is not connected to any Wi-Fi service.
The only way I receive internet service is through the T-Mobile 4G LTE cellular data plan for my tablet.
Will the Stick Up Camera work if I connect my tablet to a router & depend on my T-Mobile 4G LTE cellular data plan for internet service?

Basically what you need is Internet service. How you get that service is up to you. Cellular, cable, fiber, etc. doesn’t matter as long as there’s an internet data connection for you to access the Camera remotely.


Thanks for your reply.

I have the internet service from my tablet but I still need a Wi-Fi router, is that correct?

I tried to access my camera using only cellular data without a Wi-Fi router but was unsuccessful.
I even turned off the cellular data & turned on the Wi-Fi button on my tablet but was still unsuccessful.

Hope you can help!

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Yes, you need a WiFi router.

Here’s a “diagram”

Camera (using WiFi to connect) → WiFi Router/Modem → connection to internet

Then using your Tablet, either connected via cellular or to the Router via WiFi, you’ll then be able to log into your Ring account and see the video.

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OK! I will give it a try after I get the router.

All the best to you.

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Hi @DL19551978. You might have to access the “mobile hotspot” on your tablet in order for the Stick Up Cam to access it. The downside is the mobile hotspots may use a lot of data, which can be costly depending your service plan.