Does the Ring Alarm work without wifi or home internet?

I live with roommates and i need an alarm system to make sure no one enters my bedroom when i am not home.

I thought of buying a Ring camera, however since those only work if the WIFI is on, it would be very easy for a roommate to disable the wifi/turn off the power and then enter my bedroom.

So my questions are:

  1. Does this work without wifi/home internet at all times? Does it have its own 3G/4G/5G network?
    Of course it will be connected to the wifi when i am home. But i will have to turn that off, once i leave my room. Is this possible? Can i turn off the Ring Alarm systems connection to the wifi so that it will rely on its own 3G/4G connection for a few hours while i am gone?

  2. Does this work with a battery system, similar like the non plugged cameras?

  3. Will it notify my phone whenever someone opened my door?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @ringnoobie123. The Ring Alarm Security System has cellular backup as part of the Ring Protect Pro plan. However, this cellular backup is intended for use during a temporary wifi outage, as access to settings on your system will be limited during cellular backup. You can’t turn the wifi connection to the Base Station off. It will remain connected unless the wifi disconnects or the Base Station no longer has any power.

The Alarm Base Station plugs into a standard power outlet, and has a battery backup for temporary power outages, but it cannot remain unplugged indefinitely or the backup battery will drain and the Base Station will lose power. You can receive push notifications when a Contact Sensor, which would be installed on a door or window, is triggered. I’d recommend taking a look through this overview of the Ring Alarm System to see if it will be the right fit.